• 2020-06-03
  • 趙 子華

為配合本校20級畢業典禮活動,圖書館於10966() 畢業典禮當天,將在一樓大廳舉辦畢業典禮現場直播,分為上午場09:30~11:00、下午場13:30~15:00,共兩場。蒞臨觀賞典禮直播的嘉賓,入館時需先測量額溫和手部酒精消毒。直播進行時,音量會較為大聲,造成讀者不便,敬請見諒。
                        明道大學圖書館  敬啟

In order to cooperate with the school's 20th grade graduation ceremony, the library will hold a live broadcast of the graduation ceremony on the first floor of the hall on June 6,2020 (Saturday), divided into the morning 9:30~11:00 and the afternoon 13:30~15:00, a total of two ceremony. Guests who watched the live broadcast of the ceremony, you must first measure the amount of gentle amount of alcohol disinfection when entering the hall. When the live broadcast is in progress, the volume will be louder. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Your patience is very much appreciated.
                       Mingdao University Library
                       Wednesday, June 03, 2020